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Make Payment to Indian Hills with PayPal

No PayPal account is required.

Provide the info below, and press enter, then press the Pay Now button that shows up.
Click it to go to PayPal and make payment. You can use a credit card, or your PayPal account.
If you need your payment amounts, please call the office.

By using this payment method, you agree that this is a temporary method of
making payment, and helps with the Government request for keeping us safe.

See the Refund Policy and the Privacy Policy

Lot Number

Lot Rent Payment (dollar amount)

Mortgage Payment Amount (If you have a mortgage with Indian Hills)

Month to Apply Payment Toward (Jan, Feb, etc.)

Are you including a late or other one time payment amount (Y/N)?

Help us make sure we apply payment correctly
Resident Last Name, First Name

Phone Number

Alternatively, you may call in your card number and payment amount over the phone. Please have your card ready, along with pen and paper. Our staff will verbally give you the receipt number for your payment.