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As the manager of Indian Hills, I have been asked about the advantages of living in a manufactured home Community and particularly about this one.  Many have received junk mail inviting them to buy property for their manufactured home.  This is fine and we welcome the competition: but also listen to our side of the story.

Rules enforcement:  Indian Hills offers good, fair rules designed to help our residents enjoy the time that they spend on the grounds and in their homes, and management to assure timely compliance with the rules.  Private property seldom provides a strong manager, and even if it did, how would such a manager enforce the covenants, even if the covenants exist (many times they do not).

Location: The private lots for sale to manufactured home Owner's are literally in the boonies.  They have to be:  San Antonio does not allow the sale of manufactured home lots inside its limits.  East Central is recognized as one of the best districts in this area, a far better school district than the boonies.  Our residents have great nearby shopping facilities, a regional hospital within walking distance, churches, and services they'd have to drive miles for if they lived out there.  Inside the city limits of San Antonio, we have police and fire protection that is unheard of in the boonies.  We have one million other fellow San Antonians on our team to protect our water supply.  Where will they get drinking water in the boonies when there is no strong municipal water authority to guarantee the abundant supply of fresh, clean water?

Long Term Financial Advantages: The prospect has likely heard of the negative appreciation of residential real estate since the recession of 2008.   WHEN COMPARED TO THE BOONIES,  residents at Indian Hills have done far better KEEPING UP WITH INFLATION.
Reason: their investment in the boonies is so specialized that they probably are limited to only placing manufactured homes on their lots.  If you do want to sell in the future, one has to compete with the junk mailers and boonie peddlers to do so (good luck)!  We give residents the flexibility to live anywhere in the future if their personal situation should change; they don't have to make the hard decision of buying a lot that would ruin their credit or take a bath on if they ever had to sell.

Amenities: Our tennis, basketball, clubhouse, pool, and other facilities are unheard of without great expense in setup and upkeep costs on their part. Our strict rules ensure a pleasant environment and place to live. We are that unreachable dream (ever heard of a bad apple actually moving if he couldn't comply with deed restrictions?). We give our residents a heck of a good deal on their living expenditures by living at Indian Hills.

If you don't agree, ask to talk to our residents in person!